Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to Write and Collaborate on LaTeX Documents Online

LaTeX is one of the best options to write scientific papers. However, collaboration on a paper among many authors is usually not fun. Below are a number of tools that offer online editing and collaboration for creating LaTeX documents. They all offer a free option, and a paid one, with features varying depending on the service provided. For those who are looking for a free option with many collaborators, Overleaf and Papeeria seem like good options.


1. Overleaf

Overleaf offers a decent free option with unlimited projects and collaborators, and limited storage. You can get more storage by inviting people to use it.

2. Papeeria

Papeeria also offers a nice free option with unlimited public projects and one active private project.

3. ShareLaTeX

ShareLaTeX offers free unlimited projects but with only one collaborator.


4. Authorea

Authorea offers only one free project with unlimited collaborators and reviewers.

5. cloudTeX

cloudTex offers a free plan with only one private article and unlimited public articles and collaborators.


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